Dharavi’s Transformation: A New Chapter for Mumbai’s Heart

At Re-Mumbai, we have always prided ourselves on being the go-to source for news related to Mumbai’s redevelopment and infrastructure.  Our island city is more than simply a scenic location; it is a thriving centre with a variety of lifestyles and many opportunities. In line with our goal, we want to keep individuals informed about the tremendous changes happening in their communities.

One such revolutionary undertaking is the long-overdue redevelopment of Dharavi, one of Asia’s biggest slum clusters. Dharavi, home to approximately one million people, is a lively town spanning across 600 acres close to the famed Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). Despite its reputation as a slum, Dharavi is a thriving economic hub with several small-scale businesses producing pharmaceuticals, leather goods, footwear, and textiles. It has come to symbolise Mumbai’s tenacity and business spirit throughout time.

For 17 years, the Maharashtra government has attempted to redevelop Dharavi, but it wasn’t until November 2022 that the Adani Group finally secured the bid to transform this area with an initial investment of ₹5069 crore. This landmark project is poised to rejuvenate Mumbai’s real estate market, especially in Central Mumbai, where new developments have stalled due to land scarcity. The redevelopment project aims to not only improve living conditions but also create a slum-free Mumbai, marking a significant shift in urban planning.

The Dharavi redevelopment project, which is scheduled to be completed over 17 years, includes a critical rehabilitation phase that will be completed within seven years of acquiring the required clearances. The Adani Group is presently undertaking a rigorous study to identify qualified slum inhabitants who would be transferred to new 350-square-foot dwellings. Dharavi Redevelopment Project Pvt Ltd (DRPPL), a joint venture between the Maharashtra government and the Adani Group, is carefully developing a master plan for the region with the help of famous architect Hafeez Contractor.

A unique aspect of this redevelopment is the integration and enhancement of Dharavi’s industrial and commercial units within the new infrastructure. Eligible businesses will benefit from various state incentives, including a five-year refund of the state Goods and Services Tax (SGST) from the date of the occupation certificate. This ensures that Dharavi’s vibrant economic ecosystem, built on small-scale industries, will continue to thrive in a modernised setting.

The redevelopment of Dharavi is more than just a construction project; it represents a vision for a slum-free Mumbai, offering a beacon of hope for millions and marking a significant milestone in the city’s urban development. At Re-Mumbai, we are committed to documenting these transformative changes and keeping you informed about the evolving narrative of our city. Dharavi’s metamorphosis stands as a testament to Mumbai’s enduring spirit – ever dynamic, ever resilient, and ever forward-looking.

Stay tuned to Re-Mumbai for continuous updates and in-depth coverage on Mumbai’s redevelopment and infrastructure projects. Together, let’s witness the dawn of a new era for our city.

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