Dharavi Redevelopment Project: The Maha Govt has promised to provide approximately half an acre of land to DRP

A 2,000 square meter site close to a busy bus depot in Mumbai’s Dharavi is scheduled to be transferred for the Dharavi Redevelopment Project. The initiative, which is overseen by the DRPPL, is to revitalize 600 acres and includes building BEST a state-of-the-art bus station in return for property elsewhere. Supported by a government decree, the effort aims to develop India’s largest slum comprehensively by compensating transferred land at a rate of 25% of market value.

The DRP made the request for the transfer in May. According to the Times of India, it is in line with the state government’s resolution requiring the contractor to be designated as the recipient of government land in the Dharavi notified area. In a recent meeting, the MMRDA approved the transfer. Here, 600 acres are to be renovated by officials working on the largest slum redevelopment initiative in India. Their objective is to assume the lead in implementing extensive enhancements.

Source – Mumbai Now

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