Prime Real Estate Locations In Mumbai Are Emerging As Goregaon And Malad

Two charming western Mumbai neighborhoods, Goregaon and Malad, have seen a tremendous metamorphosis in recent years, emerging as thriving communities full of new projects and activities. For their commercial and residential needs, including mall shopping, the residents of these suburbs had to travel more than twenty years ago to the closest suburb, Andheri.

Still, a big shift occurred with the opening of the magnificent Inorbit Mall and other similar projects in the early 2000s. Since then, a flurry of projects has been launched, mostly focused on the development of new infrastructure, schools, and hospitals as well as the construction of residential high-rises in Goregaon and the commercial district of Malad. Remarkably, these two suburbs—known for their abundant vegetation—are quickly emerging as hubs for both residential and business needs. These suburbs are unique in that they’ve reinvented themselves as modern travel destinations while retaining their old-world charm.

Source – Times Property

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