The state authorizes the development plans for ten tourist, historical, and religious sites

The Maharashtra government has authorized the development plans for ten historical, religious, and tourism destinations throughout the state in anticipation of the next assembly elections. These plans had received administrative clearance from the state last year, but funding to carry them out had not yet been allocated.

Aundha Nagnath Temple in Hingoli (₹15.21 crore), Tiger’s Point and Lion’s Point in Maval (₹333.56 crore), Malojiraje Gadhi and Hazrat Chandshah Baba Dargah (₹37.28 crore), Hutatma Shivram Hari Rajguru birthplace in Khed (₹102.48 crore), Rajmata Saibai memorial in Velhe (₹29.73 crore), Santaji Jagnade Maharaj mausoleum beautification (₹66.11 crore), Saptashrungi Devi pilgrimage in Nashik (₹81.86 crore), Pathri pilgrimage (₹91.80 crore), Pratapgad Fort conservation and Koyna river tourism in Satara (₹381.56 crore), and Pandharpur Temple (₹73.85 cr).

Source – Hindustan Times 

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