BMC Faces Criticism for Destroying Banganga Lake’s Heritage Steps During the Revitalization Project

The BMC experienced a humiliating loss on Monday when the surrounding historical stairs were leveled by a contractor hired to clean the 1,100-year-old Banganga tank, causing irreversible damage. The contractor used a JCB machine. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has expressed serious disapproval towards the civic authority, citing Banganga’s protection as a national monument and the stairs’ irreversible damage from heavy machinery use.

In addition, the GSB Temple trust, which is in charge of managing the repair efforts at Banganga, is requesting that the BMC be held accountable for its carelessness and reckless disdain for India’s cultural legacy. The Banganga Tank steps were allegedly restored in a single day by the civic body. Experts, however, have doubts over the work’s quality and longevity, especially in light of the site’s heritage designation.

Source- Free Press Journal

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