Offering prime plots in Kharghar and Belapur for star hotels, CIDCO anticipates a spike in demand following the opening of the Navi Mumbai Airport

Prime plots in Kharghar and Belapur for star hotels are now available, according to the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), who will be selling them through an online auction. Navi Mumbai currently has a dearth of opulent lodging options. Because the Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) is expected to open for business early in the next year, there will likely be a substantial increase in demand for upscale lodging.

Star hotel plots in Sector 2 of Kharghar and Sector 23 of Belapur, which are situated on the Belapur-Urna route, are being offered by CIDCO. Both sites are close to the future international airport. The sizes of the star hotel plots in Kharghar and Belapur are 11,538.23 sqm and 14,434.23 sqm, respectively. A 1.5 FSI can be used to build these plots. The maximum allowable FSI, however, shall follow the state government-approved Unified Development Control & Promotion Regulations (UDCPR) for Maharashtra State. The cost of these two-star hotel plots is Rs 1,37,758 per sqm in Kharghar and Rs 1,48,329 per sqm in Belapur.

Source – Lokmat Times

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