Notice from CIDCO scares hoarding owners

Notices to dismantle hundreds of unlawfully erected hoardings by private advertisers in 94 villages inside the Navi Mumbai International Impact Notification region (NAINA region) have been sent out by the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO). Hoarding owners have responded to this notice by taking swift action and have started taking down the advertisement boards. 

However, according to representatives of the Navi Mumbai-Raigad Hoarding and Media Association, this action has sparked worries about the lives of thousands of families who depend on the hoarding industry. In response, the group has asked that the removal efforts be stopped in a request made to CIDCO’s Naina Area Controller of Unauthorised Constructions. Additionally, they support the regularisation of current hoardings by appropriate taxation. The association’s president, Ajit Kander, stressed that such a. 

Source – Newsband

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