MMRDA’s readiness for the monsoon: 300 engineers and labourers to provide security at Metro locations

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has sent 300 engineers and staff to Metro installations in preparation for the impending monsoon in order to maintain security. To respond quickly to any catastrophe, it has formed 19 emergency response teams, each with 10 personnel and an engineer. 

Furthermore, eighteen emergency centers, seventeen ambulances, and maintenance cars are always ready to go when needed, offering rapid aid. In order to ensure effective drainage and reduce the risks associated with heavy rains, MMRDA has strategically placed 131 dewatering pumps throughout project locations. Barricades will be adjusted to maintain traffic movement, and as part of the protocols for preparing for the monsoon, soil mounds are being cleaned, drains are being fixed, and electrical equipment is being tested.

Source – The Indian Express

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